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Technical Support

IIC has over 8000 Time Lock Cash Containers in service around Australia. To help you find the correct manual for your lock please use the descriptions below to first identify your lock.

Once you have successfully identified your lock download and view the manuals to help operate the lock. If you are still experiencing problems please contact IIC.


1. Identify the lock brand. It will be either KABA or SecuRam (pictured).



2. Identify the lock model within that brand.


KABA 100V – Serial Number 200001 to 200455.

The KABA 100V is identified by a metal disk on the left hand side of the lock entry pad (pictured below). The lock uses an 8 digit combination.

KABA 100V Manuals


KABA T52B – Serial Number 200456 to 204855.

The KABA T52B is identical to the 100V except it does NOT have a metal dick located on the left hand side of the entry pad (pictured below).

KABA T52B Manuals


KABA T52DB – Serial Number 204856 to current.

The KABA T52DB is identified by an orange and black sticker signifying the unlock/lock position of the dial (pictured below). The lock may also be identified by the ability to power the lock by turning the dial briskly.


SecuRam L02 – Current.

Currently only one SecuRam model is supplied by IIC. The lock is identified by its chrome case and LCD screen located on the entry pad (pictured below).

Note: The manuals provide information for general use of the lock such as changing a combination or connecting a new battery, they do not contain information which jeopardises the security of valuables contained in a TLCC safe. In some cases where locks are more than 5 years old users may experience problems not outlined in the manuals, in this event please contact IIC.