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Time Delay Cash Containers – Reduced burglary losses

Time Lock Cash Containers (TLCC’s)

These units, which are manufactured to an IIC design, are available with advanced high-reliability electronic locks that can be programmed with Time Delays of one to 99 minutes, variable opening times, multiple dual control and one to 30 user combinations. The units are subject to stringent manufacturing and inspection procedures prior to shipment that are in accordance with the company’s ISO 9001:2008 procedures.

As well as the relatively basic functions, locks having more advanced security features can be provided. Such features include:

  • Safety alert
  • Audit trial
  • Wireless networking
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Time locking
  • Live auditing
  • Remote authorisation and programming
  • One time authorization codes


The containers are intended for short term storage of cash at retail counter positions and have proven to prevent cash theft in the event of armed robbery. All TLCC units are manufactured to high tolerances using CAD CAM technology from powder coated Zn enriched steel.

IIC provides on–going support for all TLCC’s. Secure data bases are maintained by the company that record lock details and master user codes against TLCC serial numbers. Users of TLCC’s are able to contact the company for assistance with lock problems such as lost combinations or technical support.

IIC can provide your business with a time lock cash container upon request. TLCC’s are delivered to you by courier completely programed with a 9V battery ready to install and begin operation. IIC record the serial number and master combinations into our secure database so that we can provide on-going support in the event of technical failure. All TLCC’s come with installation and operation instructions as well as a warranty. To find out more please read the details below and view our brochures. To purchase a TLCC or electronic lock please contact IIC

Type 1 TLCCThe Type 1 Container is intended for mounting on a counter top although provision can be made to secure the unit to a vertical wall. The Type 1 TLCC is fabricated from heavy gauge steel to and manufactured to an IIC design. Full details and specifications are provided here

Type 2 TLCC

The Type 2 container is designed to be mounted under the counter at the point of sale position. This unit is equipped with a drop down door to eliminate the danger of injury to personnel from a projecting door. Because the Type 2 unit is designed to be built into counter positions it is fabricated from lighter gauge steel. Full details and specifications are provided here


Electronic Locks

IIC stock several brands and models of electronic locks. Different models offer varying functions as mentioned above. IIC can advise you on the best lock for your application, please download our brochure here or feel free to contact IIC for consultation.