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Systems Engineering

International Industry Consultants are Consulting Engineers specialised in Systems Engineering.

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering, that is focused on the secure orchestration of multiple systems over their life cycles so that you are able to continuously improve timeliness, reliability and reduce the cost of doing business.

Your business environment is always changing.  Systems Engineering ensures your systems remain aligned with the most important business priorities.

IIC services help clients deploy people and technologies so as the many “systems” in  business work together.  Achieving “continuous improvement” marries smart technologies with smarter people and innovative governance strategies.

IIC clients include Government and industry. We are ISO accredited, CERT partners, and  a member of the Defence Industrial Security Panel (DISP).

The business was incorporated in 1992 as a limited liability company based on the consultancy business started by J. E. Patterson in 1990.